Business brokering and investment

Selling your business could be the most important financial deal you’ll ever make. If you’ve considered all the options and decided selling your business is the best way to achieve your goals, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Business Brokers can help.

You can rely on our experience and knowledge to give you the right advice on:

  • grooming your business for sale or equity investment
  • the sales or investment memorandum
  • valuing and marketing your business
  • getting the right price or equity partner
  • the sale and negotiation process through to completion of the deal.

Selling a business can be difficult, emotional and time-consuming, but our support and advice will ease the stress.

Investment in your business

External investment in your business can be a great way to expand current operations, fund research and development, move into different markets or plan for succession or sale.

Before you seek investment, you need to work out how much funding you need and for how long you need it, how much control you hope to retain and the skills your business needs.

You should also make your business model as attractive as possible to future investors. After all, when someone invests in your business, they are not just placing their money in your hands, they’re placing their trust in your business model.

The Victorian Chamber's Business Brokers are here to support you with a range of investment services and advice including:

  • an assessment of how ready your business is to raise capital or receive investment
  • business diagnostic tools to guide you through a detailed assessment of business growth potential, capital requirements, capital structure to finance growth, and business improvements you can implement to raise capital
  • equity raising or investment-ready preparation aimed at implementing business improvements to increase your capability to raise equity finance, and help with preparing a pitch and investment matching.

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