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Have you ever considered taking your business beyond the Australian boarders?

Have you ever thought that your product or service would really thrive in a Chinese market?

Have you ever wanted an opportunity to meet with Chinese business leaders and develop strategic relationships? 

What is VJBP

The Victoria-Jiangsu Business Placement Program is an acceleration program which gives businesses a competitive edge when it comes to doing business with and in China. The program takes you to China’s Jiangsu province to build skills, gain first-hand China experience and benefit from 'guanxi' (relationships). These guanxi have been developed over decades, relationships that money can’t buy.

In China, business is done through relationships. The VJBP paves the way for these relationships to be established and developed.

I cannot recommend this program highly enough. There is no substitute for direct business matching

and this was delivered in spades”. - Peter McMullin, Chairman, McMullin Group, 2016 VJBP delegate

What can you expect?

Cross cultural and China-focussed business coaching from leading Chinese educators and business practitioners. Learn the fundamentals of doing business with China as well as language coaching and tailored cultural and networking opportunities.

Company placement including orientation, meeting senior management and decision makers. This module also includes cross-department work with Chinese staff and managers and will give you an in-depth understanding of business operations.

Visit major economic centres in the region and engage in networking events with local industry leaders and business owners. This module also includes tailored business matching.

How will it help my business?

You will learn from leading Chinese educators and business people, gain first-hand market intelligence and participate in cultural workshops to develop and expand your business in China. You will be carefully matched with an organisation appropriate to your business strategy so that you can form relationships with people from your industry.

The VJBP program to China has provided me with valuable insights on how to engage with Chinese businesses. The networking opportunities are excellent and I can recommend the program to anyone considering doing any form of business in China. Time well spent”. Andrew Bennett, Managing Director, Calgraphics

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