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Contact Officer Training (TWRCO1708)


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Victorian Chamber Collins St
Level 2, 150 Collins Street
Melbourne 3000

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Course Overview

Contact officers are a valuable first point of contact for staff who have concerns about bullying and harassment at work. They offer advice to colleagues with a view to resolving the issue for themselves.

Contact officers play a key role in preventing harassment and bullying issues escalating into formal complaints, investigations and costly legal processes.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • What constitutes unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Internal complaints and the role of the contact officer
  • Reviewing and unpacking relevant internal policies and procedures for addressing informal and formal complaints and concerns
  • The skills needed for successful consulting, including note taking and basic coaching skills to help a person with 'self-resolution' options
  • Issues related to documentation, confidentiality and privacy
  • How to give feedback to HR to support your organisation's proactive and preventative function in supporting a fair, equitable and respectful workplace
  • How to actively promote the contact officer role


This course is suited to staff members who have been appointed as a contact officer.

Learning pathway

This course is part of the Contact officer pathway designed to help contact officers successfully implement their role and actively contribute to the organisation's commitment to a respectful, equal opportunity workplace. The pathway also includes Contact officer refresher training.

Alternative Dates/Locations for this course

Date Code Suburb or town Member Non-member Register
12 Dec 2017 TWRCO1708
30 Jan 2018 TWRCO1801
27 Mar 2018 TWRCO1802
24 May 2018 TWRCO1803

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