Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 essentials

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23 Oct 2017 TITAE1707
Melbourne $722.00 $760.00
13 Nov 2017 TITAE1708
Melbourne $722.00 $760.00
14 Dec 2017 TITAE1709
Melbourne $722.00 $760.00

Learn the fundamentals of sound database design using Microsoft Access.


Two days

Learning outcomes

During this one day program you will increase your knowledge of how to:

  • Create tables to store data with appropriate fields, data types and properties
  • Create links between tables and understand relationship types
  • Create queries to extract required records and fields
  • Create interactive and statistical queries
  • Create user forms
  • Generate and print reports.


This course is suited to you if you want to:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Access databases
  • Understand database design techniques
  • Design a table and understand data types
  • Understand relationships and relational databases.


You need a basic understanding of Windows, and knowledge of at least one Windows application such as Word, Excel or an equivalent.

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