Building high-performance teams

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06 Dec 2017 TLMHP1708
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07 Mar 2018 TLMHP1801
16 Apr 2018 TLMHP1802
21 May 2018 TLMHP1803

This course helps you to identify strengths within your team, increase motivation levels and the ability of others to work with changing priorities. You’ll also improve your delegation and communication skills, and better the way you reward your staff.


One day

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • Identifying strengths and gaps within your team
  • Increasing energy levels in your team using a simple, step-by-step plan
  • Motivating your team in realistic and creative ways
  • Increasing your team's ability to work with changing priorities
  • Setting boundaries at work and understanding the importance of defined expectations
  • Intervening when projects go off track and dealing effectively with difficult situations
  • Improving the way you recognise and reward individuals and teams
  • Developing a personal action plan to achieve the results expected
  • Delegating effectively and improving communication within your team


This course is suited to anyone in a leadership role.

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