We are a specialised team that brings together some of Australia’s most well-regarded import and export professionals. We can provide your business with one-off consultations, or guide you through the entire international trade process.

Eddie Zhao

International Business Development Manager
Specialties: import, export and investments – Australia, China, Asia

Eddie Zhao is often described by clients as more like a member of their own team than a consultant. Eddie brings more than 20 years of international trade expertise to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Global team. He speaks two languages; English and Mandarin.

Having completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Australia and Bachelor of Commerce in China, Eddie has an excellent perspective on business culture in both Australia and China and is skilled in guiding Chinese and Australian businesses in working together.

Eddie’s detailed understanding of markets in China and Australia positions him well to facilitate import, export and investment arrangements.

Eddie is well-regarded by his peers and this is reflected in the impressive network he has attracted, including members of governments and Chambers of Commerce in all key regions of China, as well as MDs and CEOs of many public and private companies in China and Australia.

Contact Eddie Zhao
email: ph: 03 8662 5234

Shirley Ng

International Business Development Manager / Business Broker
Specialties: export, sourcing, market entry, investment, business sales - Australia, China, South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea

Shirley Ng is an accomplished sales, marketing and business development professional with a proven track record across many industries, both in Australia and overseas. Shirley speaks five languages; English, Mandarin, Malay (Bahasa), Hokkien and Cantonese.

Working at both strategic and operational levels, Shirley has helped many Australian businesses expand into international markets, achieve export sales and grow their global businesses. She has developed, managed and administered a range of marketing programs aimed at assisting businesses to achieve growth and export sustainability.

Shirley has completed many qualifications, namely; Advanced Diploma in Management, Advanced Diploma in Export Management, Diploma in Franchising and Certificate IV in Property Service (Real Estate) in Australia.

Shirley has successfully trained and mentored clients to improve their approach to market entry strategies, strategic partnerships, business expansion and growth, offshore sourcing, market research and export compliance and documentation.

Shirley also has extensive experience in managing highly successful participation of Australian businesses at international trade shows and exhibitions events, as well as representing businesses at these events.

Shirley is also a licensed business broker who has promoted and sold businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, hospitality and retail.

Contact Business Broker Shirley Ng
email: ph: 03 8662 5172