Intern delivers results for regional tourism business

Goulburn River Valley Tourism recently took on intern Georgia Odgers (pictured) with the help of the Victorian Chamber internship program to complete a marketing and social media project which aimed to promote the tourism offering in the heart of Victoria. The success of the initiative proves that being in regional Victoria is not a barrier to businesses participating in the program.

What were the benefits to your business?

It was just great to have another person in our small team who could bring a new energy and fresh eyes. It also made us focus on what projects that we had on our list that just needed some extra time and energy to get them done.  Importantly it was a ‘feel-good’ thing as an employer.  Just knowing how hard it is for young people to get the experience of that first real job after university made us feel good knowing that we can play a small part in helping in this process.

How does the $3000 placement contribution affect your capacity to take on an intern?

Being a small organisation that works to a very tight budget, the placement contribution was extremely valuable.  It enabled us to give an intern an opportunity without it having any significant impact on our bottom line.  It would have been difficult to do without the placement contribution.

Would you encourage other businesses, in particular those in regional locations, to take on an intern as part of our program and if so why?

Absolutely.  Sometimes it is the young people studying or living in regional Victoria that really do need opportunities such as the Victorian Chamber’s Internship Program more than their city counterparts. It is such a great opportunity for young people but also for businesses. Whether in Melbourne or in regional Victoria I would encourage all businesses to give it some serious thought.  It is rewarding to know that you are doing your bit to help the next generation that is coming through the workforce.  It was cost effective, not excessively time-consuming and coordinated well by the Victorian Chamber.

Do you feel the program gives business the opportunity to ‘test drive’ a potential future employee?

The program certainly does do this, but that is not the sole focus. If a business is looking for someone, there isn’t a better way than to experience them hands-on in the workplace. That’s where you can find out what that future employee is all about, how they fit with your culture, whether they share your values when it comes to work, are they reliable etc. These are the things that you simply cannot judge from an interview alone so bringing some into your own business for a placement is a great way to source a potential future employee.  Ideally, you will make your business a ‘business of choice’ and an intern will want to come back and work for you!

Do you plan on taking on another intern as part of the program?

Would love to when we have a suitable project that we can offer. Because our intern proved to be such an asset to our organisation and the whole program was a positive experience, we would love to be able to repeat the whole thing when the time is right.

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