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Rae's Journey chapter 1: Rae takes the leap...

Submitted on Thursday, 2nd March 2017

The Victoria Jiangsu Business Placement Program was the best adventure and most fun possible in business. It has left an impression that is quite profound in terms of possibilities for our business in the future.

My name is Rae Young - my Melbourne-based business, ui3, provides professional editing services. In China, we have a niche offering editing English language web pages of Chinese companies. We ensure the content is appropriate for Western B2B wholesale buyers who expect the language to be logical, coherent, professional and credible.

We hadn’t considered international expansion until we received an email from the Victorian Chamber about the China business immersion program. The adventure of it was a part of the decision to join the program. Another factor was the enormous benefit of being accompanied by a well credentialed organisation with extensive experience in dealing with international business.

"可悲的是, 我没有普通话的能力,而且依靠非常有用的翻译  - Sadly I have zero capability with Mandarin, and am dependent on very helpful translators". 

The final decision

We really needed some positive comments from local knowledge and the Victorian Chamber were able to confirm, via their counterparts in Jiangsu Province, that we may have a viable service offering for that market place. That local market intelligence was convincing.

My aim was to come to the opportunity with very few expectations as I did not want to leave disappointed. I had a remote idea that this could lead to new work opportunities in the future, or at least a view of a possible pathway to that end. My main expectation was to do some market research and just look around and experience this new culture.

"The main issue for me (as a gal) was to make sure I packed correctly, I needed to make sure I dressed appropriately to represent my company in China".

The Victoria Jiangsu Business Placement Program is an acceleration program which gives businesses a competitive edge when it comes to doing business with and in China. The program takes you to China’s Jiangsu province to build skills, gain first-hand China experience and benefit from 'guanxi' (relationships). These guanxi have been developed over decades, relationships that money can’t buy.

To register your interest or find out more about the 2017 program, contact Olivia Bowden or on 03 8662 5343.





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