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Rae's Journey chapter 4: Having a partner

Submitted on Friday, 10th March 2017

The Victoria Jiangsu Business Placement Program was the best adventure and most fun possible in business. It has left an impression that is quite profound in terms of possibilities for our business in the future.

This is chapter 4 of Rae's journey

I learned so much from the Victorian Chamber program that I was able to visit next on my own. Following the program in May I also visited Nanjing in September and plan to go back fairly regularly as our sense is that there is potentially more work in the market. If we keep the visits short it usually costs about $2,000 AUD per visit. We do, however, have a major advantage in having a partner based in Nanjing. This makes my personal tours a lot easier as I have translators with me all the time. They are such a delightful group to work with.

We have changed our process somewhat for China-based clients. We feel that the China-based clients need more education in web-based content , we provide a lot more detailed information on the sometimes major changes we were bringing to their business.

The Victorian Chamber's support and wisdom has been crucial for us in gaining the confidence we need to take control of our opportunities. We are still learning, but we are confident. We are into our second project in Nanjing and already have learned so much that we are looking to widen our market in China. We still have a lot to learn but we are confident we can tackle it.

There were very few frustrations.

On the Victorian Chamber Business Placement Program, you have translators with you all the time. The potential frustration inherent in finding your way around is taken care of as they go on the bus or train with you and help get you to where you need to be. There are lots of opportunities to explore on your own - morning walks before breakfast for example. Interestingly, as a woman, I felt completely safe walking around by myself - even by myself at night- uncharacteristic for me. The only danger was crossing the road safely as the pedestrian does not have right of way - a little hair raising on a busy road.  It was odd being a Westerner and being perceived in that context. It is not how I see myself, the value travel brings is the different perspective. I did however enjoy the attention, It was huge fun.

The Victoria Jiangsu Business Placement Program is an acceleration program which gives businesses a competitive edge when it comes to doing business with and in China. The program takes you to China’s Jiangsu province to build skills, gain first-hand China experience and benefit from 'guanxi' (relationships). These guanxi have been developed over decades, relationships that money can’t buy.

To register your interest or find out more about the 2017 program, contact Olivia Bowden or on 03 8662 5343.




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