29 Sep
Union leader to workers: "We'll decide, thanks."

Today's Australian (Unions to resist `AWAs by stealth') outlines just how determined some unions are to roll back workplace reform.

A cornerstone of Australia's economic success has been the advent of individual and enterprise bargaining that took hold in the Hawke and Keating years, and was continued during the Howard era.

To retain this benefit for the workplace and the economy, the new Fair Work Act provides for Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IFAs) that can be negotiated between employers and employees.   These clauses could be used to strike family-friendly arr


25 Sep
Channel deepening: more economics lessons required

Jenny Warfe from the Blue Wedges Coalition (Crikey 23/09/09) reminds me a bit of the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail.

After comprehensive defeat by King Arthur, he indicates a willingness to fight on, citing the loss of his limbs as "just a flesh wound".

In terms of the debate around the Port Phillip Bay Channel Deepening Project, Jenny and her friends have been comprehensively defeated, but also want to fight on.

 To the undoubted chagrin of some, the dredging was by any measure a success - it met its final budget, was completed ahead of time, and no major, long-term en


10 Jun
ACTU Congress a theatre of the absurd

Those wanting to visit Jurassic Park need not visit the US or hire the movie.

They just needed to pop into the ACTU Congress in Brisbane last week to watch the industrial dinosaurs on display.

In the space of three days Sharan Burrow, Jeff Lawrence and friends have managed to spout a `greatest hits’ of every conceivable populist economic cliché known to man, including capping executive salaries, attacking free trade, reregulating the labour market, bringing back the unrestricted right to strike and opposing to a national occupational health and safety model that would cut red tape on


05 Jun
Union members support employer right to hire and fire

Recent polling data taken by Victorian Chamber shows that a majority of union members support the right to fair dismissal of workers not pulling their weight.

A poll question was asked of 800 Victorians by GPS Research in March 2009 – the proposition was “In the current economic climate small business employers need the ability to sack workers who are not pulling their weight”.

The results show that:

• 70% of respondents overall agree with the proposition. 26% disagree, 5% don’t know.


01 Apr
Peninsula Link - good for business

The announcement that expressions of interest are being sought by the Victorian Government to build the Peninsula Link toll-free with the project anticipated to start this year is positive in the current climate.

After all there are significant problems on roads in the south-eastern suburbs and the Peninsula due to the traffic bottlenecks caused in Frankston where EastLink ends. The current traffic woes are causing lengthy delays for commuters, local business people and those in the transport sector.


30 Mar
'No Leave, No Life' launch

A new program 'No Leave, No Life'  launched by the Federal Government today will encourage employees to dip into the stockpile of annual leave they have accumulated and take a domestic holiday.

In Victoria full-time employees have a total of 29,955,000 days of annual leave accrued 24 per cent of all annual leave in Australia.


25 Mar
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