26 Feb
VCAT awards $332k in damages for workplace sexual harassment

In a hearing as to compensation, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) awarded more than $330,000 to a Geelong post office employee who was found to have been sexually harassed by her manager.


18 Feb
China program opens doors for Victorian business

Now recruiting delegates for 2016, the Victoria-Jiangsu Business Placement (VJBP) program helps Victorian business leaders to expand their horizons and forge lasting alliances with counterparts in Victoria’s sister state of Jiangsu. Following a successful pilot in 2014, the 2015 program saw 12 Victorian business owners and directors from a range of industries take part in the innovative two-week host program.


12 Jan
FIFO employee entitled to workers’ compensation after pub fight

An employee who was injured during a physical assault by a colleague is eligible for workers’ compensation, the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has declared.

The employee was out for drinks when he was approached by a co-worker who pushed, pulled, choked and punched him. During the fight, the man fell over, which resulted in substantial damage (and later diagnosed impairment) to his shoulder. His co-worker was terminated as a result of this incident.


18 Dec
OHS still vital over Christmas

During the holiday period, your workforce configuration may change as a result of staff on leave. This means some people may do tasks outside of their day-to-day role without necessarily having the guidance and supervision of their normal management team. Those responsible for managing safety control measures may be absent and workers may not have their mind on the job because of the holiday break, ongoing family pressures and commitments that surround this time of year.

So what does an employer need to do to keep workers safe while running on a skeleton staff?


17 Dec
Dannii Minogue's tips for breaking barriers and personal branding

Almost 500 Victorian professionals gathered in pop-up gala space Lorem Ipsum at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in early December to hear Dannii Minogue share key learnings from her long and varied career in the spotlight.


27 Nov
Business Leaders: Russel Howcroft on nurturing creativity

At our Business Leaders lunch earlier this week branding expert Russel Howcroft shared some tips for fostering creativity in your workplace for the benefit of your bottom line. Here are six of them:


24 Nov
Botched redundancy may prove costly for small NSW business

A small New South Wales stud farm has failed to prove to the Fair Work Commission that its redundancy process was genuine.

A horse trainer at the farm had worked for the business for almost three years when he was told by his employer in an “informal meeting” that his position had been made redundant and that he would have to “finish him up”.


23 Oct
Redundancy shortcuts see retrenched worker reinstated

An employee working at a New South Wales port has been reinstated after the Federal Court ruled that his employer took adverse action when it selected him for redundancy because he was a senior union delegate. The General Manager of the company was also found to be personally liable for the breach, as he was the principal decision-maker.


19 Oct
Sacked HR consultant suspected of stealing company files awarded $11k in compensation for botched investigation

A senior consultant dismissed from a South Australian human resources firm has been awarded more than $11,000 in compensation despite the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finding a valid reason for her dismissal.

The employee was summarily dismissed after it was discovered she had been downloading the contents of the company’s hard drive to a personal device.  A colleague witnessed the incident and informed the owner of the business, who after a brief discussion with the employee made the decision to terminate her without notice on the basis of serious misconduct.


16 Oct
Newsflash: Massages not reasonable business expense

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has rejected the unfair dismissal claim of an engineer fired for claiming 14 massages and other inappropriate items as business travel expenses.

The employee sought to disguise the items as meals purchased in transit, including a blender, a heater, Australia Day-themed clothing, gym shoes, a cooler bag, two bathmats and vitamins.


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