15 Oct
What's your reason for being safe and healthy at work?

October is National Safe Work Month and workplaces are encouraged to raise awareness about work health and safety. There are a number of activities and resources available to help you keep your workplace as safe and healthy as possible.

Be safe. Be healthy. Because...

Safe Work Australia is hosting a free virtual seminar series that showcase innovation and research in work health and safety:


13 Oct
FWC refutes employee claim that micromanagement constituted bullying

The Fair Work Commission has rejected the claim of a stockbroking company employee who sought an order to stop bullying at work after he was placed on performance plans and “micro-managed”.

The employee was placed on two Enhancing Employee Performance Plans (EEPPs), the company’s method of performance management, throughout 2014.  


08 Oct
Lessons in winning, losing and everything in between

It’s rare to get an insight into how AFL greats cope with fear, learn to trust in their team and relinquish control. In an honest but lighthearted discussion at last week’s Victorian Chamber Pitcher Partners Grand Final Lunch, AFL icons Leigh Matthews, Chris Scott and Mark Thompson shared what it’s like to experience the highs of winning a premiership and the devastating losses as both a player and coach. Many of their coaching experiences and lessons in working in a team can be readily applied to leadership positions outside of the locker room.


25 Sep
Choice, trust, communication – how to create a winning workplace

Initiatives that contribute to a positive employee experience and build employees’ engagement are key to creating a great place to work. This was the focus of discussion between our four panellists at last week's’ HR for Business breakfast. Zrinka Lovrencic from Great Place to Work Australia, Tristan White from The Physio Co., Angela Ferguson from futurespace and John Van Wyk from Mars/Royal Canin shared their thoughts on what it takes to build a workplace that employees want to go to every day.


25 Sep
Passengers and drivers of company cars share equal responsibility in accidents

A Fair Work Commission ruling suggests passengers share equal responsibility to drivers when travelling in a company-owned vehicle.


25 Sep
Fair game: A lesson in safekeeping your reputation

Earlier this year, Cecil the lion was killed in Zimbabwe’s protected Hwange National Park by Dr Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist who reportedly paid US$55,000 for the prize. When news of Cecil’s death broke, Palmer became the “latest case study” in public shaming. Within 24 hours an estimated 670,000 tweets were sent about the killing and almost 6.5 million web articles have been written about it.


15 Sep
“Backdoor unfair dismissal” thrown out

An aggressive former employee has had her adverse action claim thrown out nearly two years after her employment was terminated by a startup business in the health industry.  The manager, a self-described “female Richard Branson”, was dismissed after less than three months of employment and made an adverse action claim, citing numerous breaches of the general protections within the Fair Work Act, claiming over $127,000 in damages.


14 Sep
Postal manager and “father figure” sexually harassed female employee

A Geelong West postal worker has taken the first successful step towards her claim for $100,000 against her former manager for sexual harassment. The case was heard before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), where Justice Jenkins accepted the applicant’s claim that her manager had sexually harassed her for four months in 2013.

The employee cited 47 incidents of inappropriate conduct by her manager including explicit comments, texts, letters, and groping.  


09 Sep
Angry ex-employees: an exercise in brand destruction

Recent media attention has focused on global brands for all the wrong reasons.


03 Sep
What it takes to be a best place to work: a plan, blueprint or checklist.

Tristan White, CEO, The Physio Co.

We’re not built for discipline. We’re built for novelty and excitement. Discipline is something we have to work at. – Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto

Like everything else in your business, culture can be systemised.


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