01 Sep
What makes a great place to work

Zrinka Lovrencic, Great Place to Work Australia

At Great Place to Work we believe it is essential for every company to create wealth for their shareholders. It is fundamentally why they exist.


24 Aug
Fair Work targets Melbourne restaurant for docking employee wages

The Fair Work Ombudsman has cautioned a Melbourne fast food restaurant for unlawfully deducting money from employee wages.  


18 Aug
Employee terminated for questioning employment conditions awarded over $10,000

A Melbourne based waste and recycling company has been penalised $7,500  and ordered to pay $2,900 in compensation for dismissing an employee who asked questions about his employment status and rates of pay.

In the weeks leading up to dismissal the employee discovered his employment was covered by the Waste Management Award 2010 [MA000043] which provided generous penalty rates – higher than what he was receiving from his employer. 


13 Aug
Rooftop solar: should you install now or wait?

When it comes to installing commercial solar systems, business owners naturally seek to maximise their return on investment. While there are over 15,000 commercial solar systems installed across Australia saving businesses $64 million in power bills every year, many business owners debate whether now is the best time to go solar.

Waiting for better technology and lower price


31 Jul
Entrepreneur Nicole Eckels shares her recipe for success at Women in Business

The importance of strategic recruitment, continually building your professional network and developing employees’ sense of ownership were among the many business lessons shared by entrepreneur Nicole Eckels at yesterday’s Women in Business lunch in Melbourne.

The US-born co-founder of Glasshouse Fragrances entertained the 250-strong audience with the story of how, in 2006, she came to create what is now a leading Australian home fragrance brand with upward of 100 staff and $50 million in turnover.


31 Jul
Sloppy investigation sees employee reinstated

A NSW mine employee who threatened colleagues with violence has won his unfair dismissal claim because his employer failed to investigate complaints correctly.


28 Jul
‘Raising the bar’ not bullying, Commission finds

The Fair Work Commission has rejected an employee’s argument that changes to internal processes at her organisation posed a risk to her health and safety.

The organisation introduced significant changes to a job placement program, designed to increase efficiency and ‘raise the bar’ across the business.  The long-standing employee claimed the extra workload and resulting performance management posed a risk to her health and safety and applied to the Fair Work Commission for an order to stop bullying.


22 Jul
What’s happening with the Paid Parental Leave Bill?

Earlier this year the Federal Government announced a plan to overhaul its paid parental leave scheme. Under the current scheme, an expectant parent can be eligible for both Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave and an employer scheme. The Federal Government has labelled this “double dipping,” and wants to ensure that employees only receive one parental leave payment.

If the new bill is legislated it will mean that:


14 Jul
Team leader’s dismissal unfair, despite loutish behaviour

The dismissal of a team leader who verbally abused and sexually harassed colleagues was harsh and unjust, according to the Fair Work Commission.


08 Jul
Employer faces $20k penalty over 'unreasonable' performance targets

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has awarded $20,000 to a former manager of a real estate agency due to “significantly punitive” performance management practices by her employer.


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