08 Jul
Employer within rights to terminate staff member on sick leave, court finds

A recent Federal Court decision has found that an employer did not take adverse action against an employee in making him redundant while on personal leave.

At the end of 2012, the company consulted with all employees about a restructure including reviewing the skillsets necessary for new positions. The claimant was determined by his manager not to have the skills to fulfil the expanded duties of his current role and offered a different position.


27 May
Making the most of Melbourne – Australia's knowledge city

Professor Sharon Lewin is a Melburnian achieving great things on the world stage. The HIV scientist and infectious diseases physician joined 300 people at our Women in Business breakfast last week to talk with Alicia Loxley about women in leadership roles, Melbourne as an international centre for medical research and how close we are to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS.


11 Mar
Dana Thomas on the Gods and Kings of Fashion

On Thursday 19 March fashion writer Dana Thomas joins the Victorian Chamber Women in Business Lunch to discuss the profit and loss of creativity. Here she gives her take on the business of fashion and its demands on creativity.


19 Feb
Productivity Commission Review into Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework

The Federal Government has instructed the Productivity Commission (“PC”) to conduct a review into Australia’s workplace relations framework (“Review”). The five issues papers forming the Review to be conducted by the PC can be accessed here.


12 Feb
Nominations are open for the 2015 Victorian Disability Sector Awards

The Victorian Disability Sector Awards honour individuals, teams, organisations and businesses who go above and beyond to help people with a disability achieve their personal goals.  


11 Feb
The right way to speed network

Speed networking is great if you want to meet lots of professionals and find out about businesses from various industries in the most efficient way.

It’s a great way to get your name and business out there and meet people who are outside of your line of work. It is the first step to gain new contacts and create valuable business relationships – all to help you boost your business and career.


12 Dec
Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) comes into effect on 12 December, opening up new opportunities for Australian businesses.

KAFTA removes or reduces barriers to the trade in goods between Korea and Australia.

From 12 December, Australian exporters will benefit immediately from tariff cuts by Korea, and further tariff reductions from 1 January 2015. It will increase export opportunities across a number of industries:



14 Oct
Payroll Tax Online Forum

Raising Victoria’s payroll tax threshold:
How will your business benefit?
Have your say.

Payroll tax is a tax on jobs, so this state election Victorian Chamber calls on both major parties to commit to lifting the threshold at which a business starts paying payroll tax from $550,000 to $850,000 – providing around $230 million in savings to around 40,000 Victorian businesses, encouraging them to grow and employ more staff.


10 Oct
Age discrimination in the workforce

By Kate Jenkins - Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner

There has been much discussion about the fact that we are living and working for longer, with the conversation frequently centring on the economic impact of this: the demands on government, the budget, and the health system.

What is missing from this conversation is the human element – what it means to grow old in Australia today and remain employed.


03 Oct
Age is just a number... Isn’t it?

Here are some fast facts for you. The median age of today’s worker is 40. The number of people in the workforce aged 60 to 64 is expected to double by 2016. The retirement age is set to rise to 70 by 2035. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add it all up. The workforce is ‘maturing’. And your business’s approach to an ageing workforce needs to mature with it.


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