15 May
Dismissal discourse. Who’s allowed in the room?

In landmark 2010 case, a producer of chemical products lost an unlawful dismissal case brought by a long-serving employee due to the employer’s ignorance of award and enterprise agreement provisions, as well as provisions of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth) in relation to a support person or union representative at disciplinary meetings.

But 2010 is a world away in industrial relations terms, I hear you cry.


09 May
Social media in the workplace: what’s your game plan?

Forbes magazine recently announced the “digital immigrants have now caught up to the digital natives – we are now all digital citizens”. Pretty much all your employees (over 75%) are now accessing social media sites from the workplace at least once a day.

Most of these ‘digital citizens’ access social media sites from personal devices such as smartphones – devices they bring into the workplace – at least once a day.


28 Apr
What is country-of-origin branding, and how can you make it work for you?

Businesses manufacturing and growing products and produce in Australia – and the retailers that stock them – have a powerful marketing tool at their fingertips: country-of-origin (CoO) branding. So how can you make CoO branding work for your business?


24 Apr
How to promote staff loyalty in a high turnover job market

It’s time to face facts. Around two-thirds of your employees will actively look for another job over the next year. Many of them have been sitting tight, waiting out any possible fallout from the global economic crisis or simply waiting for something better to come along.


11 Apr
Catching China’s wine fever on film, and why it matters to your business

The movie Red Obsession began life as a discussion between Andrew Caillard, Master of Wine, and film director Warwick Ross on a flight from Sydney to London.

Something intriguing was happening in Bordeaux. And Andrew had a fascinating story to share.

During the years immediately following the GFC, unlike most other markets, prices for the prestigious Bordeaux wine region were breaking all records. There was a noticeable shift in the global economy of wine.

It was clear that the catalyst for this shift was China.


10 Apr
Why this wrongful termination case speaks volumes for your business

This wrongful termination case cost a business $700,000. It offers some valuable lessons in ensuring employees at every level of your business understand the possible implications of both what they say, how they say it, and who they say it to.

When a senior manager at a business with 80 employees found out he was being terminated for allegedly stealing a laptop computer, he felt that he was being singled out for a very different reason.


08 Apr
Video: The latest changes to the Privacy Act

Find out more about the latest changes to the Privacy Act and how they will affect your business.



04 Apr
Why Red Obsession is a must-watch movie

Red Obsession is a feature-length documentary that explores China’s elite and their mind-boggling passion for fine wine – as well as the dramatic effect their ‘red obsession’ and deep pockets are having on the global marketplace.


31 Mar
5 facts you (probably) don’t know about James Halliday

You probably already know that James Halliday is Australia’s leading wine expert.

You may also have heard on the grapevine that James is going to be one of the guest speakers at the upcoming Victorian Chamber Business Leaders Lunch event.


28 Mar
Your business’s relationship with China starts here

China is already Australia’s largest trading partner. By 2025, China is set to become the world’s largest economy. So how can your business tap into this booming global marketplace? Your global journey to growth and competitiveness begins here – with the Victoria Jiangsu Business Placement (VJBP) program. 


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