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Have your say and help strengthen Victoria’s competitiveness

Submitted on Thursday, 22nd June 2017

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, ageing populations, globalisation, Brexit and the closure of major industries. These changes create new opportunities and challenges for Victoria, but how do we leverage them?

The Victorian Government and businesses are working together through the Premier’s Jobs and Investment Panel (PJIP) to explore issues such as these and come up with ideas that will improve Victoria’s economic performance and productivity.

Recently, the Panel released a discussion paper to stimulate conversation and is asking Victorian businesses for innovative, concrete and implementable ideas that can help drive sustainable economic growth for our State.

The discussion paper covers five key areas:

  1. Workforce – the types of jobs and the nature of work is changing in Victoria and it is essential gaps between industry needs and the state’s workforce are closed.
  2. Regulation – smarter and simper regulation is needed and the cumulative cost to business must be reduced.
  3. Digital transformation and disruption – digital technologies are driving the next wave of industrial transformation and Victoria needs to harness them.
  4. Financial services sector – sophisticated financial services are essential to help businesses invest, innovate and grow. Although Victoria’s financial services sector is strong, there are opportunities for a larger, more diverse and innovative sector.
  5. Construction sector – the construction industry is responsible for delivering critical capital and infrastructure, however, productivity in this sector is significantly lower than the national average.

Making our state a more prosperous, productive and attractive place to live and do business in is a priority for the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Victorian Chamber is a member of the PJIP and is working closely with the Government to develop and implement practical solutions to Victoria’s economic challenges.

The discussion paper can be accessed here.

Submissions and comments close on Wednesday 2 August 2017. Submissions can be formally lodged on the Victorian Government’s website or by emailing Informal comments can also be made on their website.


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