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When Buyer Met Seller event recap

Submitted on Thursday, 3rd August 2017

The Victorian Chamber in conjunction with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) hosted an event with the theme “When Buyer Met Seller” on 31 July 2017 to showcase the country’s award winning food, beverage and agricultural products from the recent and past prestigious Australian Food Awards.  

Over 27 food and beverage businesses took the opportunity to showcase their award winning and gourmet food products to potential buyers and network with many others to expand their export network.   Some of the gourmet and popular products include wines, ice cream, milk powder, health food and supplements, muesli & breakfast products, tortillas, snack foods, vinegar, beverages, sauces, jams and many more.

The event was attended by 130 participants and was aimed at providing a platform for businesses to discuss and explore trade, business and investment opportunities.   Over 70 businesses were there to explore and source products for export to overseas market, in particular, China.

If you are keen to participate in our future activities, please contact Shirley Ng on 03 8662 5172 or email:

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