Finance for non-finance people

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Finance for Non-Finance People (TBRFN1901)


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This course is run over 2 session(s):

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Course Location

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Level 2, 150 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Course Overview

Managers, project managers and administrators sometimes need to take responsibility for financial management, planning and decision making. By giving you a greater understanding of today's accounting and finance terminology, this program will empower you to apply financial management tools and techniques with confidence.

If you’re a manager or administrator responsible for financial management, planning and decision making but have no training in this field, this course will enable you to do this role effectively. 


Two-day workshop over two weeks.

Learning outcomes

During this two-day program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • Interpreting key finance terminology and jargon
  • Accounting concepts such as accrual accounting and depreciation
  • Reading and understanding financial statements
  • Using financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to evaluate business performance
  • Applying cost concepts and budget forecasting techniques to plan and develop robust operational budgets
  • Calculating breakeven point and using other financial evaluation techniques
  • Building a business case for capital expenditure proposals


This course is suited to:

  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Project managers
  • Profit centre managers
  • Office managers
  • Bookkeepers

Alternative Dates/Locations for this course

Date Code Suburb or town Member Non-member Register
21 Feb 2019 TBRFN1901
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00
17 Apr 2019 TBRFN1902
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00
16 May 2019 TBRFN1903
Shepparton $990.00 $1190.00
19 Jun 2019 TBRFN1904
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00

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