Contact officer refresher

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19 Jun 2019 TWRCR1901
Melbourne $295.00 $350.00

As a contact officer, it is important for you to keep up to date with legislative changes, refresh your skills and assess your strategies regularly.

This refresher session will keep you motivated and ensure you are working within the boundaries of your role.


Half day

Learning outcomes

This course will increase your knowledge of the following:

  • Changes to legislation
  • The boundaries of the role particularly around confidentiality

You will also have the opportunity to discuss common dilemmas and participate in skill practice activities.


This course is suited to:

  • Current contact officers
  • Staff acting as 'back up' Contact Officers
  • Staff as a 'lead' in sustaining the contact officer network
  • Managers and OHS representatives who require an overview of the role

Learning pathway

This course is part of the Contact officer pathway designed to assist contact officers to successfully implement their role and actively contribute to the organisation's commitment to a respectful, equal opportunity workplace. The pathway also includes Contact officer training.

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