Employment Law: a practical perspective

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Employment Law - A Practical Perspective (TWREL1901)


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Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Level 2, 150 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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Course Overview

There is an ever-increasing range of laws relating to equal opportunity, industrial relations, workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety which you must be across to avoid running into trouble.

This course gives you an essential overview of employment law, as well as practical strategies and advice to help ensure your business meets its workplace responsibilities.


One day

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of the following:

  • The breadth of the law and legal processes relevant to the workplace
  • Your responsibilities relating to discrimination, health and safety, workers’ compensation and industrial relations law
  • Practical strategies to prevent and deal with issues when they arise


This course is suited to:

  • Business owners
  • Human resources personnel
  • Operations Managers
  • Risk managers
  • Office managers and administrators

Learning pathway

This course is part of the Employee Relations pathway, which raises awareness of employment law and gives you strategies and advice to help ensure your organisation meets its workplace responsibilities. The pathway also includes:


Alternative Dates/Locations for this course

Date Code Suburb or town Member Non-member Register
05 Feb 2019 TWREL1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00
17 Jun 2019 TWREL1903
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

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