Project Management

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14 Feb 2019 TLMPM1901
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00
11 Apr 2019 TLMPM1902
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00
05 Jun 2019 TLMPM1903
Melbourne $990.00 $1190.00

Learn to handle the different phases of project management, from conception, development, implementation and finalisation.


Two days

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • The nine functions of project management and the phases of the project lifecycle
  • How to develop a business case, write scope statements, identify stakeholders and construct a project plan
  • Build a cohesive project team and determine timelines and resources
  • Using  project scheduling, network diagrams, critical path analysis and Gantt charts
  • Conducting  risk assessments and contingency planning
  • Undertake plan management including monitoring, control, reporting and communicating progress
  • Capturing project lessons and knowledge gained at the end of the project


This course is suited to anyone managing or participating in project activities as a new aspect of their job.

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