Social media: Advanced

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03 Apr 2019 TMSAS1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

Gain a deeper understanding of social media strategy, technology and tools and learn how to harness its power to maximise your business and brand performance.

This course will broaden your understanding of social media: how it works, how the platforms interrelate and how you can use it to grow your business and your brands.

This course also shows you how you can make social media part of your broader marketing plan.


One day

Learning outcomes

This program will increase your knowledge of:

  • How to develop a social media strategy for your business and tie it in with your marketing plan
  • How to find your target audience and engage with them effectively
  • How to create the right content for the right audience on the right platform


This course is suited to business owners, managers and marketing professionals who know the basics of social media marketing and are ready to develop their understanding further.

Learning pathway

This course is the second of two modules in the Social media pathway. The first module is Social media: Fundamentals.

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