Contractor safety management

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08 Apr 2019 TOHCS1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

This program will take you through the processes, knowledge and frameworks to effectively manage the safety of general contractors, from the tendering stage to project completion and review. It will help you to meet your legal duty to ensure your independent contractors are managed well.


One day

Learning outcomes

During the program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • The legislative framework around contractor safety
  • Safety responsibilities of employers and contractors
  • Recognising exacerbated hazards when managing contractors, including control methods

You will also be able to structure contractor selection, contracts and monitoring to ensure safety.


This course is suited to anyone who manages contractors or who is responsible for safety in organisations that use contractors.

Learning pathways

This course is part of the OHS leadership development pathway designed to give leaders an in-depth understanding of the roles, functions and legal responsibilities regarding health, safety and environment or OHS in the workplace. The pathway includes Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Master class for managers and supervisors and OHS law for managers.

If you’re new to an OHS leadership role, we recommend you build on your experience over 12-18 months by attending each course in the order presented. If you’re an experienced HSE or OHS manager, you can enter the pathway at any stage by choosing the program that best reflects your learning needs. This course also offers a great pathway into the Certificate IV in work health and safety.

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