HSR initial OHS training course

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17 Sep 2018 TOHIO1817
Melbourne $1,175.00 $1400.00
26 Sep 2018 TOHIO1833
Melbourne $1,175.00 $1400.00
01 Oct 2018 TOHIO1827
Ballarat $1,175.00 $1400.00
01 Oct 2018 TOHIO1818
Melbourne $1,175.00 $1400.00
11 Oct 2018 TOHIO1831
Shepparton $1,175.00 $1400.00
22 Oct 2018 TOHIO1819
Melbourne $1,175.00 $1400.00
12 Nov 2018 TOHIO1832
Traralgon $1,175.00 $1400.00
12 Nov 2018 TOHIO1820
Melbourne $1,175.00 $1400.00
15 Nov 2018 TOHIO1830
Wodonga $1,175.00 $1400.00
19 Nov 2018 TOHIO1826
Geelong $1,175.00 $1400.00

To exercise your powers and rights as a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) effectively, it is essential that you receive training. This WorkSafe-approved course gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to represent your designated work group and to help make their workplace safer.


Five days

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • The occupational health and safety legislative framework and its relationship to the HSR
  • The legislative obligations and duties of employers and staff
  • Establishing representation in your workplace
  • Participation  in consultation and issue resolution
  • Representing designated work group members in any OHS risk management process undertaken by the appropriate duty holder/s
  • Issuing a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and directing the cessation of work 


This course is suited to newly-elected HSRs and deputy HSRs.

Under section 67 of the Victorian OHS Act 2004 an employer, if requested, must allow an elected HSR and elected Deputy HSR to attend a WorkSafe-approved HSR initial OHS training course on paid time, pay the course fees and any other associated costs. Section 67 also allows HSRs to choose the approved course they attend in consultation with their employer.

Learning pathway

This program is part of the Health and Safety Representative pathway designed to give HSRs the skills, knowledge and confidence to represent their designated work group and to help make their workplace safer.

The pathway also includes HSR refresher OHS training course.

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