Conflict and you

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15 May 2019 TPECY1901
Melbourne $445.00 $535.00

This interactive program lets you explore your personality type and discover how personality type and conflict are linked. 

The MBTI questionnaire that you are required to complete prior to the commencement of the course helps you understand a conflict situation more clearly. By incorporating personality type awareness and how you might present yourself in conflict, you can better strategise how to approach, communicate and resolve conflict situations.

The objective is to give you valuable insights into how to improve your conflict approach and how to navigate through conflict situations with others whose preferences differ from your own.


Half day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • Your MBTI personality type
  • How personality type and conflict are linked
  • How personality can affect the way conflict is dealt with in the workplace
  • Appreciating others to make constructive use of individual differences in approach


This program is suited to anyone wishing to work harmoniously with others.


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