Effective Email Communication

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10 May 2019 TPEEE1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

While emails are a quick and often spontaneous form of communication, they are still bound by all the rules of writing within a business environment. Anything written in an email is as important - and as legally significant - as any other form of writing.

Critically, we show how to express thoughts in plain English. Accuracy, clarity and the use of simple, clear statements of fact are vital in any exchange of information, and especially when you are writing.

Participants will consider how to judge what is relevant to be communicated, and what is not.

Participants are asked to bring samples of their own emails to class for discussion and editing.



One day

Learning outcomes

Increase your knowledge of:

  • The principles of plain English
  • The purpose of writing and the needs of the audience
  • Working out when an email is the right form choice
  • Using different forms of writing styles
  • How to use active and passive verbs effectively
  • Identifying the process of thinking, planning and connecting with words
  • Formal email writing etiquette
  • The legal ramifications of what is put in writing
  • Punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure
  • Considering the reading skills of your audience


Anyone who wants to be more effective at communicating needs and priorities.

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