Effective meetings

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17 Apr 2019 TPEEF1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

Meetings can be a great form of communication and an effective tool for business planning, but they are too often perceived as unproductive and frustrating experiences. Well planned and professionally conducted meetings deliver benefits for the organisation or team by saving time and encouraging cooperation and improved performance.

This course will help you eliminate unproductive  meetings from your diary by teaching you how to plan, run, record and review efficient meetings that deliver benefits to your business.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • Planning meetings, including defining the meeting type and purpose, and making other arrangements
  • Recording meaningful minutes
  • Facilitating a meeting
  • Establishing agreed processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Following up on outcomes


This program is suited to team leaders and administration officers and anyone else involved in planning meetings.

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