Effective Report Writing

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11 Apr 2019 TPEER1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

Reports are written to achieve specific business purposes so it's important that readers understand what action is required from them.

This course provides theory and practical experience on writing effectively, including language, style, tone, relevancy and structural outline.

Participants are asked to bring samples of their own reports to class for discussion and editing. 


One day

Learning outcomes

Increase your knowledge of how to:

  • Define and understand your audience
  • Prepare reports in a collaborative and structured manner
  • Define the main message immediately and unmistakably
  • Relate the main message to audience requirements
  • Highlight the reasons for the decisions projected
  • Use plain English
  • Prepare powerful, concise documents that have a logical flow
  • Correctly cite source and reference information
  • Examine incident and complaint documents that are logical and non-discriminatory
  • Write reports that specifically target the outcomes you want


This course is suited to anyone who is required to write reports at work.

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