Negotiating Effectively

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20 Feb 2019 TPENE1901
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24 Apr 2019 TPENE1902
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21 Jun 2019 TPENE1903
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In business it's important to be able to confidently negotiate in order to achieve the best results.

This highly interactive workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to negotiate successful outcomes with both internal and external customers.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your understanding of how to:

  • Acknowledge the results of successful negotiation
  • Gain insight into the appropriate style to be used to match the situation
  • Establish steps in negotiating resolutions of conflicts of interest
  • Prepare for negotiation
  • Listen, ask questions and use silence when negotiating
  • Have an increased awareness of the need to diagnose the other party's goal
  • Secure agreements that last
  • Gain knowledge on persuasion strategies


Any manager, team leaders or team member who is required to negotiate effectively as part of their role.

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