Personality types in the workplace: MBTI

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21 May 2019 TPEPT1901
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Use the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) model to learn about different personality types, including your own. By recognising your own personality type and being able to adapt your communication style for others, you will help develop a happier, more productive workplace.

During this program you will learn to communicate better, manage conflict, problem solve, develop leadership and improve your team’s productivity. You will complete a MBTI questionnaire that will assist you with self-development. You will learn how to use its results, and then apply this knowledge by engaging with personality types different to your own. The skills you gain will be useful to you not just in your workplace, but life in general.


One day plus completion of MBTI questionnaire before the course date.

Learning outcomes

During this program you will increase your knowledge of:

  • The theory behind the MBTI
  • How to put MBTI theory into practice to enhance your skills in self-management, emotional intelligence and employee engagement
  • How to use your new-found skills to develop happier, more productive teams
  • Communicating more effectively, managing conflict, problem-solving, developing leadership


This course is suited to anyone working in a collaborative environment or with diverse customers.


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