Presenting with Impact

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05 Mar 2019 TPEPI1901
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00
06 Jun 2019 TPEPI1902
Melbourne $530.00 $630.00

This interactive workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to deliver presentations that are persuasive and successful. You will learn how to plan your presentation, especially when time with your audience is limited, select and use presentation aids effectively, and manage your nerves in order to deliver with confidence and purpose.


One day

Learning outcomes

During this course you will increase your knowledge of how to:

  • Plan a presentation for maximum impact
  • Tailor your presentation to the requirements of your audience
  • Select the appropriate media to support your presentation
  • Make effective use of that presentation media
  • Develop ongoing feedback processes on your presentations
  • Understand the elements of communication and how to use them effectively
  • Approach presentations with confidence


This course is suited to anyone who is required to make presentations to small or large groups.

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