Protect your business and ensure that your staff are fit2work


fit2work is Australia’s largest provider of online police checks and background screening and is now working in partnership with the Victorian Chamber to deliver increased confidence to chamber members.

fit2work is a 100% online, secure, fast and easy-to-use screening platform. It is the platform used by Australia Post to provide the Australian public with National Police Checks. With no software to install and locally-based support team, fit2work has the flexibility to handle checks singularly and in bulk, all the way through to complete integration with your existing software systems.

Business benefits

Business Benefits

  • Improved employee insights
  • Increased confidence in employees
  • Heightened customer trust
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Reducing the risk of the trusted insider threat
Established API

Established API; Easy Integration

  • Data transferred via API is available through the fit2work interface
  • Secure data transfer
  • Better candidate experience
  • Customisable workflows
  • Reduced administration costs
Dedicated local support

Dedicated Local Support

  • Service delivery is at the heart of what we do
  • A dedicated team to assist between 8:30AM and 7:00PM
  • All candidate follow up
  • Assistance with selecting checks to deliver the insights you want


  • All information stored in Australian data centres (no cloud)
  • Encrypted at all times (transmission and storage)
  • 100% subject to, and compliant with Australian legislation and privacy principles

fit2work offers more than simply pre-employment background screening with a suite of more than 50 checks covering virtually every country and territory on the planet.

  • Criminal History Checks (all jurisdictions, incl. AFP)
  • Employment, Education, Identity and Visa Checks
  • International Checks (incl. criminal history, individual and business credit/bankruptcy/identity/litigation)
  • Financial Responsibility Checks (ASIC/APRA/Credit Insights)
  • Vendor and Business Background Checks
  • Other Database Checks (AHPRA, Directorship, Sanctions, AML/CTF etc)

fit2work’s Badging Solution reduces time and cost by removing duplication in the background screening process. Badges allow individuals to build a set of independently verifiable and transferable credentials.

  • In recognition of today’s highly mobile and flexible workforce, fit2work has developed a Badging Solution that allows employers to see and validate the checks a candidate/employee already has.
  • This approach increases efficiency through the removal of screening duplication across roles; saving time and money for everyone.
  • Those who have purchased a Badge are able to provide a link to their fit2work profile on their CV, online profiles, email etc.
  • For example our Gold Badge demonstrates a clear Police Check undertaken within the last 6-months, Entitlement to Work (visa) Verification, Primary ID verified to source, Primary Qualifications verified, fit2work profile photo verified.
fit2work badges

Completely intuitive, traceable and with reports on demand; fit2work users can access check results stored in the system.

fit2work has offered VCCI members a completely managed service; meaning we set you up on the fit2work platform, you invite those who you wish to undertake background screening to do so, and the fit2work team takes care of any necessary follow up and assistance with the applicant.

Access to check results (including progress/status whilst processing) is available 100% of the time.

Producing reports for audit purposes is a simple and straight forward process.

Renewal dates and reminders can be set in the system with individuals notified automatically in advance; allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.

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fit2work is the most complete background screening and checking platform available. Use your VCCI membership and ensure your staff are fit2work.

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Protect your business and ensure that your staff are fit2work