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Workplace Investigations

A review by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fair Work Commission decisions illustrated that the outcome for the employer may be influenced by whether an investigation was conducted AND whether the investigation was conducted by an internal or external resource. As we would expect, better investigations often lead to better outcomes when it comes to making difficult decisions around termination of employment.

Workplace Investigations can be critical tools in:

Fair Work Act

The introduction of the Fair Work Act means employers need to quickly understand the impact of the changes to industrial relations - workplace relations laws.

As part of Victorian Chamber's commitment to assisting Victorian business, Victorian Chamber provides the following Fair Work Act 2009 resources to members and non-members of Victorian Chamber on a complimentary basis.

People and culture: capitalising on your human resources

Effective workforce management is central to business success. The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's workplace relations consultants provide comprehensive human resources strategies and services.

Selecting, skilling and supporting your workforce

Employees are the greatest asset of any business and central to your success. The Victorian Chamber provides consulting services and courses to enable you and your employees to maximize your business' potential. These include:

Employment contracts and enterprise bargaining agreements

Our workplace relations experts and products make it easy for you to ensure your employment contracts and enterprise bargaining agreements are clear and compliant.

If you need advice on what type of agreement is right for your business, contact our workplace relations team on 03 8662 5222.

Workplace Relations

For complex industrial or workplace relations queries that require specific and strategic advice, Victorian Chamber's expert consultants provide professional assistance in managing your workplace and getting the best from your workforce.

Victorian Chamber’s professional workplace relations consultants can assist with: