Export consultancy

Exporting can present significant opportunities for business growth. The most common challenges for businesses looking to start exporting include identifying the right market, finding the right business partner, devising an effective market entry strategy and securing appropriate resources for development.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Global team is experienced in export strategy planning and our professionals have the essential knowledge and industry contacts to provide businesses with a successful export experience.

We work with businesses from assessment through to export strategy planning, implementation and assessment, every step of the way:

  • assessing potential export markets to understand regulations (Free Trade Agreements), import duties, barriers to import, market size and growth, demographics, distribution channels, competition and local production
  • conducting market research to identify potential business partners
  • leading export strategy planning and identifying distribution opportunities
  • preparing pricing strategies for export markets
  • preparing strategies for export product branding, sales and marketing
  • Market channel analysis

The Victorian Chamber's Global professionals are highly experienced in identifying export opportunities, and have a thorough understanding of the time and financial resources required to implement export programs.

Market intelligence

Once potential markets have been identified, Our  team assists clients to go into the market to look, see and learn. This can be done by participating in a trade mission, or through research.

Market entry strategies

The first decision in entering a market is often whether to choose a distributor or an agent. There are particular opportunities and risks associated with each. Sound market intelligence will asses and reduce these risks.

Market visits

Our Global team can arrange international trade missions and a professional from the Melbourne office can accompany the client, or alternatively, arrange for them to be met by a Victorian Chamber Global representative on the ground at the destination.

Cultural training

When partnering with professionals from different cultures, understanding particular etiquette and learning simple phrases in their language can go a long way to a successful working relationship. Our Global team can conduct such cultural training to set the right foundation.

To find out how we can help you, contact Eddie Zhao on 03 8662 5234 or ezhao@victorianchamber.com.au