How mentally healthy is your workplace?


Untreated mental health conditions cost Australian businesses almost $11b annually through absenteeism, reduced productivity and workers’ compensation claims.*

A mentally healthy workplace should be as important to Australian employers as a physically safe one. In Victoria, very few leaders know how to create a mentally healthy workplace or consider the mental health of their employees as a high priority. 

The Victorian Chamber’s Mental Health Check Program will allow you to gain a clear understanding of the mental health risks that exist within your business and will assist you in taking concrete steps towards reducing these risks.

As an industry leader in the development of health, safety and wellbeing programs, the Victorian Chamber’s business expertise dates back over 165 years and gives us a depth of experience and perspective that is unmatched.

Our team of experienced workplace Consultants will work with you to design and implement a program that will deliver a measurably better mentally healthier workplace – imagine the benefits this could bring to your business.

Book a free consultation today with the Victorian Chamber to see how we can help you build a happier, more productive and mentally healthy workforce.

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*Source: Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace: Return on Investment Analysis, PwC, 2014