Media Release 7 February 2018

VCCI says Westgate Tunnel must proceed for the good of all Victorians

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry calls for all parties to support the Westgate Tunnel project proceeding without amendment or delay.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Mark Stone AM said suggestions that the Opposition or Greens may attempt to delay the project or alter its funding would be disastrous for the state’s economy, and the convenience and liveability for so many living in the state’s west.

“This project will deliver a much needed second river crossing, cut travel times, reduce congestion and boost liveability in Melbourne’s West and Geelong,” he said.

“The Government was elected with a mandate to deliver important projects like this one. Contracts have been signed, work has started and the project should proceed.”

Melbourne needs a second river crossing. The Westgate Tunnel project provides that crossing, with benefits for western suburban commuters, freight, and export industry.

Importantly, the project will create 6,000 new jobs, including 500 jobs for people entering the workforce, and up to 150 jobs for former auto workers.

It will also remove trucks from roads in inner-west suburbs, improving environmental and health outcomes for residents.

The Victorian Chamber believes the project should proceed as quickly as possible, due to its obvious benefits for the whole community.

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