News 12 July 2018

A cutting-edge initiative not to be missed: ignite+VU

Many watercooler conversations in offices across Victoria today will touch on the unexpected results at the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon.

ICYMI, Croatia devastated England fans in the semi-final in Russia winning 2-1 in extra time while eight-time champion Roger Federer – who was in great form - surprised the world by being knocked out of Wimbledon by South African Kevin Anderson.

But what does Wimbledon and the World Cup have in common? Undeniably, sports science. Both tournaments rely on sophisticated sports scientists on things like player tracking, movement mechanics, skill performance, data analytics and training that are integral to the success of athletes.

While millions of people around the world are watching Wimbledon and the World Cup, we are witnessing our own state of Victoria leading the way in sports science and developing outstanding technologies that give Australian athletes a competitive advantage over the rest of the world.

Some of Victoria’s best research projects will be showcased at anigniteinnovation event on 20 July at the MCG. This unique event will be delivered by the Victorian Chamber in partnership with Victoria University (VU).

We welcome businesses, researchers, sports and sports science professionals, investors and innovation lovers to attend the ignite+VU event to learn about the fascinating world of sports science and better understand how these developments can enhance workplace performance.

This will be an opportunity for businesses to engage one-on-one with researchers and explore possible collaborations to get innovative projects off the ground.

VU is a leader in sports science and has partnered with the Western Bulldogs, Tennis Australia, Athletics Australia and FIFA to develop cutting-edge initiatives right here in Victoria.

This is an initiative not to be missed. I hope you can join us at ignite.

The ignite innovation series is an exciting collaboration between the Victorian Chamber, Victorian universities, CSIRO, businesses and the Victorian Government to showcase Victoria’s revolutionary industry-linked innovation and research capabilities.

By Mark Stone AM, Chief Executive

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