Media Release 8 June 2018

Business community farewells Dr Butlin Victorias Red Tape Commissioner

After many productive years working with the business community, Dr Mathew Butlin is finishing his term as Victoria’s Red Tape Commissioner.

Dr Butlin has investigated and improved red tape issues for business in transport, building, commercial fishing, food and beverage services, and earth resources.

Victorian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Chief Executive Mark Stone AM thanked Dr Butlin for his dedication and contribution to enhancing the Victorian businesses environment.

“The special attention Dr Butlin has devoted to reducing regulatory forms, paperwork and duplication has helped businesses across Victoria to save valuable time and resources,” said Mr Stone.

Dr Butlin’s willingness to hear the first-hand experience of people and businesses affected by red tape was refreshing and helped him develop practical reforms to cut unnecessary costs without compromising the public interest.

In his role, Dr Butlin worked closely with the Victorian Chamber to improve the way in which regulators interact with business and identify ‘hotspots’ for regulatory reform.

Anna Cronin will take over the role as new Red Tape Commissioner and continue the vital task of cutting red tape and improving regulation for businesses in Victoria.

For the last three years, Ms Cronin has worked as Victoria’ first Commissioner for Better Regulation. She will continue this role in addition to undertaking new duties as Red Tape Commissioner.

Ms Cronin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in addressing regulatory issues in Victoria. Her impressive career includes high-level leadership positions across industry and government.

The Victorian Chamber welcomes Ms Cronin to the new role and looks forward to continuing to work closely with her and her office.

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