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Ensure a smooth transition to the new safety accreditation standard, ISO45001

Submitted on Wednesday, 6th June 2018

Organisations of all shapes and sizes need to identify, manage and effectively control the workplace hazards and risks to their employees, contractors and visitors under their control.

Currently, the principle guidance framework for this lies in the occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems accreditation requirements of AS/NZ 4801 and OHAS 18001, and many organisations work hard to achieve and maintain these standards.

However, the first international standard in OHS, ISO 45001 OHS management systems, was recently introduced and it is highly anticipated that this standard will phase out and replace the existing frameworks. As such, all participating organisations need to be preparing for the transition from one accreditation framework to the other.

There are some key changes in requirements that businesses need to familiarise themselves with.

These new features or changes include:

  • Establishing and documenting the organisational context
  • Understanding, documenting and communicating the needs and expectations of workers and other stakeholders
  • Determining the size and scope of the policy, procedures, work instructions and tools, templates and checklists
  • Identifying OHS and other opportunities
  • Planning to take action
  • Managing change and safety implications
  • Outsourcing, procurement and contractor safety management
  • Legal compliance evaluation
  • Continuous improvement

To be ISO 45001 audit ready, organisations will need to engage expert advice quickly. The consequences of not doing so will, no doubt, undermine the status of your current accreditation, or perhaps trigger the eventual loss of that crucial accreditation, and then threaten the businesses sustainability in the medium and longer term.

Many business clients, especially those working with government contracts, require accredited OHS management systems or similar. These prove that a responsible and safe contract or service is provided, but also minimise the threats and risks of serious injury and incidents to the principal client’s enterprise.

This can be crucial to keeping contracts and winning new ones.

Our experienced and qualified team of health, safety and wellbeing consultants and lead auditors can advise, review, and audit your OHS policies and procedures to ensure you can either maintain or achieve the first accreditation for your business.

For support on these standards and other HSW issues, email us or call on 03 8662 5333.

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