Chemicals and dangerous goods

Chemicals and dangerous goods
Determine the correct storage, handling and use of hazardous substances and dangerous goods with the assistance of our consultants, to ensure optimum workplace safety and compliance with legislation.

Dangerous goods and hazardous substances assessment

The storage, handling and use of chemicals that are hazardous substances and/or dangerous goods must be properly managed as an incident may result in serious injuries, fires and/or explosions.
It is necessary to understand how to identify the classification of substances as hazardous or dangerous, to meet legislative requirements, to maintain registers of substances and quantities and to develop procedures for the use, storage and handling of substances.

Your business needs to:

  • Conduct hazardous substance and dangerous goods risk assessments
  • Develop appropriate policies and procedures for the use, storage and handling of substances
  • Ensure that safety data sheets are obtained, are current and readily available to those using, storing or handling substances
  • Create and maintain appropriate registers and manifests
  • Conduct appropriate exposure monitoring
  • Advise employees on the correct storage, handling, labelling and placarding for dangerous goods and hazardous substances.


Chemicals must be managed in accordance with the Globally Harmonised System for the Management of Chemicals in the Workplace (GHS) and with Victorian legislative requirements including:

  • Dangerous Goods Act 1985
  • Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012
  • Dangerous Goods (High Consequence Dangerous Goods) Regulations 2016
  • Dangerous Goods (Explosives) Regulations 2011

Develop your procedures

The Victorian Chamber has expertise in documenting simple, safe procedures designed for the real people who use them. Our consulting team can expertly conduct hazard identification, risk assessment and control for you and develop or improve on your existing systems to achieve compliance with both sets of regulations.

Build your internal capability

Can your staff read a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or understand labels on chemical containers?

Can they undertake risk assessments with the materials they’re using?

We have a wide range of training programs delivered at our training facility or on site to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss custom training solutions or explore our numerous short and accredited courses delivered throughout Victoria.

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