Plant and falls from heights

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 requires employers to identify hazards at the workplace, including risks associated with the operation of plant and working at heights. Our consultants can help you ensure that effective controls are put in place to prevent injury and meet your compliance obligations.

Plant, machinery and equipment risk assessments

Plant, machinery and equipment can pose serious risks to workplace safety. Too often, individuals are caught, crushed, struck, or trapped by plant with a lot of power or momentum behind it. Serious injury, or even death, can stem from exposure to fixed, portable or mobile plant and machinery that is unsafe. 

Australian Standards require that plant, machinery and equipment are installed correctly. They also require that they are fully assessed for potential hazards and the damage that may result.

Our consultants are experts in conducting specialist assessment work for plant, machinery and equipment to keep your business compliant and your workplace free from injury and workers' compensation claims.

Preventing falls from heights

Falls from heights are responsible for a large percentage of all claims to WorkSafe. As like other hazards in the workplace these need to be eliminated. If heights cannot be avoided, adequate safety measures should be implemented to prevent a person taking an involuntary fall.

Our consultants can work closely with you to develop safe work and permit to work procedures to manage your fall hazards.

Develop your procedures

Having well documented procedures helps your business minimise risks, supports your case if claims are made, fulfils your health and safety obligations and most importantly, assists to maintain employee safety.

Safety procedures are part of a safety management system and need to address the process of identifying and controlling hazards, maintaining equipment and informing employees how to work safely – these procedures need to be followed on an ongoing basis.

Our consultants can work with you to develop and implement simple but effective standard operating procedures (SOPs). We develop procedures in consultation with the people who follow them to maintain task efficiency without compromising safety. Complex tasks are broken down into manageable steps, and to ensure all processes are clear and can be easily interpreted by the people who need to use them photographs, diagrams or other visual aids are included where necessary.

Build your internal capability

Build your internal capability through training with the Victorian Chamber. Our consultants can review your unique operational needs, and develop specific training programs that ensure only the best safety outcomes are achieved. We also have a range of short courses, or accredited courses delivered throughout Victoria that will ensure your employees can expertly identify and control risks with plant, machinery or heights. View our training courses online or contact us to discuss customised training options. 

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