Workstation and working from home assessments

workstation assessments
Sitting at a computer desk is not typically considered dangerous work.

While it may not cause immediate harm, musculoskeletal injuries and discomfort often occur which can be debilitating for the employee and costly to the business. Workstation assessments help people understand the effect of a working environment on their body and how they can avoid injuries that can creep up over time.

Ergonomic workstation assessments

Our consultants can provide on-site ergonomic workstation assessments for all your staff. An ergonomic workstation assists your business achieve a happy, healthy and productive workplace, reducing overuse or strain injuries and increasing productivity.

We educate individuals about good ergonomic set up as we undertake assessments. This ensures employees understand why they need to maintain safe working positions and how they can continue to achieve a workstation set up that suits their body’s unique requirements.

Working from home assessments

A working from home assessment doesn’t just stop at the workstation set up. It should also include the general home layout and functions such as entry and exit points, first aid and emergency management.

Our consultants can perform home workstation assessments for your employees to ensure that their home set up is set up correctly to reduce the risk of injury, ensure they have the correct equipment to work comfortably.

When employees work from home, this becomes their workplace – and employers must manage hazards and risks at their home as if they are on site.

Workstation assessment training 

Build your internal capability by upskilling selected staff to perform workstation and working from home assessments. Our consultants use a 'train the trainer’ approach to give individuals the knowledge to assist the wider workforce with ongoing queries about workstation set up to assist new starters. The training is developed to give your business a first line of defence against workers' compensation claims that are easily avoidable.   

Develop your procedures

As part of their workplace safety documents, all organisations, whether they are small, medium or large, benefit from having procedures that demonstrate ideal workstations for employees. High quality procedures include visual references that help people clearly understand what they need to do to improve their workstation. We suggest that you include illustrations, photographs or diagrams in your procedures that demonstrate the difference between ideal and harmful workstation set up. 

Members can access our tools and templates for examples of policies and procedures that may be relevant to your workplace.

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